Electronic Lockstitch
Button Sewer


Electronic Lockstitch Button Sewer

Stitch type Lock stitch Button size 8 - 30 (mm)
Sewing area X-Y 6.5 x 6.5 (mm) Hook Shuttle hook
Applicable materials Thin, Medium Max. number of stitches 5,000
Thread trimmer equipped Wiper equipped
Max. sewing speed 2,000 (spm)    

Feed mechanism R-theta intermittent feed mechanism (pulse-motor driven mechanism)
Work clamp lifter,
Work clamp height
Solenoid type, 13 mm max.
Data storage method P-ROM (Any sewing pattern can be added using BAS-PC/300.)
Number of stored data 44 sewing patterns are set. (Up to 50 patterns can be added. Up to 4,000 stitches can be added.)
Enlarging and reducing patterns 0-190%
Motor Three-phase 400W induction motor
Weights Machine head: 47 kg
Control box: 9-19 kg (depending on destination)
Power source Single-phase 110V, 220-230V
Three-phase 220V, 380V




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