Electronic Lockstitch
Button Sewer with Automatic Button Feeder


Stitch Type Lock stitch
Applicable Materials Light/Medium
Button Size 9-22 (mm)
Thread Trimmer Standard
Max Sewing Speed 2,000 (spm)
Sewing Area 6.5 X 6.5 (mm)
Max Number of Stitches 5,000
Work clamp height Solenoid type,13mm max.
Data storage method P-ROM (Any sewing pattern can be added using BAS-PC/300.)
Stored data capacity 22 Pre-programmed sewing patterns
(UP to 50 patterns can be added. Up to 4,000stitches can be added.)
Enlarging and
reducing patterns
Motor Three-phase 400W induction motor
Power source Single-phase 220-230V, Three-phase 200V
Types of button 2,3 or 4 holes, Flat button
Button feed time 0.35 sec.
Power source of the feeder DC motor
Individual feeding Drive by solenoid
Button feed error detector Available

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